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Perfectly working technology guaranteed through caring expertise.


Be a value-added partner to the day-to-day operations of a business by providing unparalleled expertise, friendliness, and customer support.

Points of Culture

Luna Tech is a friendly and agile source for technology knowledge and help. We assist everyone big and small with a prompt, polite, and caring touch. We work to understand how technology plays a role in the workplace. This leads us to treat our relationships with other businesses as not a source of income but as partners to each other’s success.

From ISP to IT

Matthew Cummins began his career at a local internet services provider in the Lake Tahoe region. There he learned the ropes by doing everything: field installation, troubleshooting, answering customer phone calls. During that time, he started Luna Tech. One of his first contracts was for Managed Services at a local K-8 school which grew from 30 devices to over 140.

By word of mouth, Luna Tech grew to hundreds of company clients who saw them as a trusted ally in helping them accomplish their business goals.

Much of that success came by designing creative workarounds for complex problems. Like the problem Matthew solved for a Condotel. The owners were being gouged on phone service by one of the big providers to the tune of $10K per month. Its remote location meant there was no choice in providers and limited services available. Matthew found a handset that would work reliably with Wi-Fi and set up a VoIP system for the condotel, saving them over $6K per month.


The Secret Sauce: Responsive Customer Service

The secret to Luna Tech’s success? They’re responsive and friendly. When you have a problem or when they’re describing a project, they’ll explain things in plain English and stay away from IT jargon so anyone can understand it and not feel intimidated. That’s why employees at companies of all sizes love working with Luna tech.

Luna Tech is a trusted business partner you can rely on to get it done right the first time.

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