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Managed IT Services


Technology is critical to every business. Employees and customers take it for granted until systems and devices stop functioning. When a crash happens, the result is lost productivity, lost sales, and substantial cost if there’s a need for an immediate equipment upgrade. This is why we have the managed IT services Austin businesses love!

Managed IT Services from Luna Tech help to maintain the integrity of your network and devices so they’re available, accessible, and protected 24 hours a day. Our years of experience managing IT systems of every size for hundreds of companies means we have the knowledge and foresight to avoid problems before they happen.

A Luna Tech Managed IT Services plan is customized for your business. Not every business has the same requirements and that’s why a templated plan is insufficient for some and too complex for others. And we never surprise you with fees, because every one of our custom IT plans is delivered for a flat, monthly rate.

Regardless of the size of your company, the safety of your network, devices, and data are critical to its operation and profitability. Even a small network problem can create endless headaches for employees and customers.

Trust Luna Tech to be your strategic IT partner.

Managed IT Services

  • Fixed monthly fees, no surprise costs 
  • Continuous upgrades and updates
  • Automatic cloud backup of your data
  • 24/7 local dedicated IT support
  • 24/7 monitoring to identify potential IT problems
  • Protection from malicious attacks
  • Complete IT solutions or support for your in-house team
  • Custom plan for every business

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