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Business VoIP Service

Save up to 60% compared to PBX business service.

No setup fees or number porting fees.


Luna Tech empowers small and medium-sized businesses with scalable, reliable, cost-effective Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service and communications. We support the value of conversation and dialogue with VoIP phone systems that are easy to use, scale up with your business, offer crystal clear calling, and cost less than landline-based PBX service.

Business phone systems have evolved considerably from telephones on a desk. VoIP phone business phone systems allow any phone to act as a desk telephone, an automated attendant, a desk-to-desk phone, host conference calls, record calls, store voicemails, play music on hold and more, all at a far lower cost than landline phone systems.

Full feature VoIP business phone systems from Luna Tech offer significant savings compared to traditional business phone systems. VoIP systems connect to your company’s internet connection and do not require traditional phone service or landlines. Old school business phones limit your communication and your ability to grow. No longer do you need a phone company technician to run an additional landline to a new employee’s desk for instance – you simply add the employee to your VoIP system in minutes and they’re ready to go. So if you are looking for one of the best VoIP Austin businesses love than contact us today! 

$35 per user

Cost Includes:

  • All taxes and Fees
  • Full concierge migration
  • Number porting
  • Personal customer support and effortless onboarding
  • Crystal clear, high quality calling
  • 24/7 availability

Luna Tech’s VoIP Phone System Features:

Auto attendant

A fully customizable virtual assistant allows callers to select their destination.

Call recording

Preserve and archive every phone call to retrieve important details later.
$5 per user for 60 day history / $12 for 1 year


Phone Conferencing

No 3rd party services are needed to set up a phone conference – it’s built in.

Emergency Paging

No matter where you are, you can be reached when a situation becomes critical.

Unlimited rollover lines

No more busy signals mean no frustrated clients or customers who can’t reach you.

Visual voicemail

Access a list of your voicemails through email or your own web portal.

Web portal management

Manage your VoIP phone system from anywhere. Voicemails, call routing, call recordings, call logs, and adding users or features are instantly accessible so you can scale up your business.

Mobile office

Transfer incoming phone calls to a number of your choosing – a hotel phone, mobile phone, a different employee’s desk phone or anywhere.

E-Fax – $15 /mo

Send and receive faxes via email or an easy-to-use web portal! Do you receive a lot of junk faxes? Cut down on your ink, toner, and paper costs by converting your number to e-fax and receive faxes via email PDF!

E-Fax with machine adapter – $35 /mo

All of the features of the E-Fax service plus an analog telephone adapter. This allows you to use your existing fax machine to easily send faxes., receive faxes, or both! 

LunaTech uses Yealink hardware.

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